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Content Strategy: The Rise of Video Content

Video has grown to become most effective strategies to promote a brand. Think about it….How many videos & memes do you consume on social media on a daily basis? Have you noticed the increase in videos shared by large brands and media outlets on Facebook and Twitter? Videos are easier to consume and share on mobile devices. Studies predict that video content will make up more than 80% of web traffic by 2019. Given the rise in consumption of video content, companies must generate high quality video content to increase customer engagement and improve brand awareness.  As part of our “NYDI Company Profile” series, we introduce you to an Irish company that  supports tech providers, publishers and advertisers in maximizing the power of video marketing by providing high quality video content.

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What do they do? 

VideoElephant helps digital publishers  and marketing departments who want digital video content, but don’t have the resources to produce any of their own.Video Elephant aggregates professionally produced video content from hundreds of content providers and supplies to online web publishers. Video Elephant’s video library contains 500,000 videos with 1,000 new videos added per day.

Target Market

Video Elephant work with ad tech providers, publishers and advertisers that require brand-safe content at scale.

  • Ad Tech Providers: Deliver value to your publishers and advertisers with contextually relevant, cross-device video content that’s ready-to-monetize.
  • Publishers : Source premium content that will ensure that you maintain high video inventory levels. VideoElpephant’s contextually relevant video complements in-house content, delivering both increased ad revenue and a great user experience
  • Advertisers: Choose the video content that fits your brand and take control of the entire video advertising experience. Their content gives you not just brand-safety assurances, but the opportunity to choose the highest quality, relevant content.


Do you need to generate quality video content? Are there contacts in your network who would benefit from Video elephant’s offering? Reach out to our friends at VideoElephant. | +35315371000

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