Anyone who has moved to New York or other major cities have gone through the pain of dealing with Landlord’s, agents and rent administration. Landlords require that you make 40 times rent and potentially, an up-front deposit of 6 months (No joke)!! The only thing worse than a six floor walk up with no air con is a rental dispute. Deposify removes the stress for all concerned and brings trust back into the relationship between landlord and tenant. 

What they do?

Deposify handles rental deposits on behalf of both tenants and landlords, providing a digital dispute resolution to take away an awful lot of stress for all concerned.


  • Landlords –  Maintains property management a cashless and paperless process, including deposit management and keeps landlords compliant with security deposit laws.
  • Provides Tenants with visibility of their deposit and enables swift resolution to disputes.
  • Agents can leverage Deposify at no charge to reduce administration.

Deposify raised  €1.1 Million to fund it’s expansion in the US and has already partnered with People’s United Bank – one of the Northeast’s largest, community-based, regional banks. The volume and turnover in rentals in the US, coupled with strict deposit regulations, presents significant opportunity for Deposify to expand in the US market. Desposify was listed on the Business and Finance Elevation 100.

How the NYDI community can help….

Connect Deposify to strategic decision makers in the banking industry and Leasing Agents in the US. Reach out to them via email.

Learn More/Contact

Deposify operate from Bank of Ieland’s startlab incubator New York. Check them out on their website, Linked In and Twitter.