At our recent Digital Irish event, we were joined by David Andreasson, Director of Finance and Operations for Voysis, avoice AI company that last year raised $8M from Polaris Partners, a Boston based VC firm.  

Voysis has developed a complete end to end voice AI platform that offers domain specific voice solutions to companies, put simply, Voysis makes it incredibly easy for companies to have their own purpose built voice assistants.

“In less than 2 years, it is anticipated that over 50% of all search queries will be done by voice.”

Over the past 2 years, the major platform companies (Google, Amazon and Apple especially) have ushered in a new wave of adoption with users.  “People around the world are getting more and more comfortable with using voice as a way to interact with technology.”  This trend is also set to continue. “In less than 2 years, it is anticipated that over 50% of all search queries will be done by voice. At the same time, 45% of all transactions will be done on mobile devices”.  Despite this growth in adoption, Voysis identified that current platform companies do not meet the needs of independent retailers.  “In the case of Amazon for example, it certainly is not in their strategic interest to promote other retailer’s goods.”

Voysis saw the opportunity to apply their technology to the commerce space, creating Voysis Commerce, their first product to the market.  Voysis has applied their complete end to end voice AI platform to the commerce market, allowing individual retailers to provide their product data (descriptions, SKU’s, content etc.) in order to spin up their own, purpose built, voice assistant which can be embedded into their mobile website or app.  “By embedding the Voysis platform into their platform, it has more intimate knowledge of your goods, allowing for a richer interaction with users when compared to alternatives.”

How the NYDI community can help….

Connect Voysis to contacts working in the commerce industry who is interested in voice. Reach out to them via email.

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Voysis has a team of 32 with offices in Dublin, Edinburgh and Boston.  The team in the US is focused on the commercial and go to market efforts. Check them out on their websiteLinked In and Twitter.



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