J1 Visa and Process

Before seeking any job, internship or traineeship in the United States it’s very important to know the visa process inside out so you have an awareness of what lies ahead and also to be able to explain it to any possible US company/organization at interview stage. Believe me, knowing this in advance saves any misunderstandings between you and your employer along with educating them on the process, if they are not already aware.

So you wanna work in New York?

It’s said by many that New York is one of those cities, that when you’re in it, you feel like you’re at the centre of the universe. You rarely feel like you’re missing out.  All that noise. A multitude of people. And all that opportunity.

Over the next few months I will be writing a number of article’s explaining the steps graduates or indeed young professionals can take on finding professional employment in New York. Whether it’s to acquire high level industry experience or just to get your foot in the door and kick start your career in the US.

The Rise Of Fake News: Leading Irish Professionals Have Their Say

Despite harsh weather and heavy snow storms, four Irish women that are at the forefront of their respected fields, working at some of the world’s biggest brands, discussed the rise of social media and fake news at the latest Digital Irish Event in New York.


From left: James Hoge, Senior Advisor at Teneo Intelligence; Dakota Flournoy, Journalist at Storyful; Aine Kerr, Global Journalist Partnerships at Facebook; Rachel Quigley, Head of Content at WetPaint; Samantha Barry, Executive Producer for Social and Emerging Media at CNN Worldwide.