shane-lennon-digital-irishShane Lennon

Shane was born in Dublin and moved to New York in 1995. He is a marketing, product, business development and technology operations executive who has built teams with direct responsibility for revenue, marketing, product and operations, even with a stint as CTO. He has led the building and transformation of companies in multiple market sectors across digital, social media, mobile, wearable tech, software/SaaS and products for both B2B and B2C markets, for companies under $1M to $500M+.

Shane takes a (founder’s) vision and creates the map for the organization to build the steps and goals to successful execution across teams, with a CEO like focus on top line growth. He anticipates, prepares and pulls the “levers” for growth. He was a leader on 4 very successful companies; 2 acquired by F500 companies (Oracle & Pitney Bowes); 1 x IPO on NASDAQ; a joint venture with Weibo China; has advised over 20 startups and has raised over $100M from VC and institutional investors. He is a first generation leader in emerging markets – the web, SaaS, mobile, social media and IoT / wearable tech.

His passion is rugby (still plays old boys) and coaches his son and the Manhattan Youth Rugby teams, and loves food, preferably cooking it – you can see it all over his Instagram.